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Project Description
Not so much as a port as a rewrite of the HotBabe application in .NET. The original showed a sexy girl getting more naked as the CPU use increased. This version shows any image you want based on CPU, Memory, Random and custom measure modules. Lots of features, sexier girls.

Blog entry for the application:
Contact me:
Original application:
Windows port: (not this one)

Source and Binaries included.

Need help:
- there is the issue of multithreading and System.Drawing errors that I fixed, but I think rather innelegantly. If you have any insight on this, please let me know.
- I am terrible with graphical design, so I would love to have someone work on the Advanced Settings form
- The picture packs are something I've cropped up in a few minutes using Paint.NET. Feel free to send me your own so I can bundle them in the application
- Any code design improvements are welcome. I am working on this when I have the time (and I don't :) ) so if you smell bad code, please let me know
- any other feature your mind can think of

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